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To be a simple but elegant combination of caviar and salt, Caviar de Đuc has become a symbol of
exquisite and luxury culinary style.


CAVIAR Exclusive Party

Caviar Exclusive Party is the ultimate luxury and exquisite party service with Black Caviar, presented by Caviar de Đuc.

With Caviar Exclusive Party, Caviar de Đuc want to serve our customers one-of-a-kind experiences of the unique & classy

culinary style from the Russian and Western elite right in Vietnam.

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WE HAVE 14 YEAR of experiences in sturgeon farming

Vietnam Sturgeon Group brings to the international market a product of Caviar with top quality and high-class savor.

The process of farming provides full of nutrients and maintains a pure natural living environment which helps Sturgeons to grow at their best as good as live in the wild.




Farming farm

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