Sturgeon caviar – ‘royal dish’ costs golds for a meal

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In tradition, sturgeon caviar need to be served cold. The caviar after filleted, salted and iced will be scooped with a teaspoon, drop on the back of diners hand, they can feel and be used to the cold then slowly taste the caviar. In a caviar banquet party, each diner should not eat more than 50 gram of caviar, which is equivalent to 2 teaspoons. Each teaspoon of caviar worth hundreds of dollar.

In the end of a year, caviar banquet party is a must on the elite’s list to treasure their guests. Sturgeon is also called a “royal dish”, with high nutrition, a “panacea” which helps your sex life
and be especially expensive for the elite, high-classes or the rich.

A sturgeon grown in Tay Nguyen area takes 4-5 years to produce eggs and weights 10 – 20 kg. A huge one can produce 3kg of eggs, 1kg for a small one. It depends on each sturgeon, the value can vary from 5000 – 10000 USD.

Each diner should not eat more than 50 gram of caviar, which is equivalent to 2 teaspoons.

Each teaspoon of caviar worth hundreds of dollar. Beluga caviar (with similar body to Russian sturgeon but the mouth is span-long) has a value of 8000 – 9000 USD, which is equivalent to 180 million VND/ kg. However, the rarest fish species is white sturgeons. White sturgeon caviar has a golden color and costs … 1.8 billion of VND for a kilogram.

A sturgeon with 3kg of caviar can be good for a banquet party of 100 diners, not including other dishes. Each diner should not eat more than 50 gram of caviar, which is equivalent to 2
teaspoons. Each teaspoon of caviar worth hundreds of dollar.

The special nutrition, sedative effect as well as sex boosting benefit is a tangibility of sturgeon in Russia, Western countries and also the US. The caviar is so precious that they only serve bland side dishes to stand out the fruity, stand-out savor of the caviar. The chosen liquor to paired with caviar is Vodka Baluga made in Russia. Beluga vodka paired with caviar is the favorite culinary style of Russian. Before eating caviar, the diner needs to take a sip of strong Beluga Vodka to clean their oral cavity and feel the savor of caviar in the purest way.

The general manager of Vietnam Sturgeon company (member of the International Sturgeon Association) – Mr. Le Anh Duc shared: to operate a sturgeon banquet party, customers have to
pre-order in 2 months. They will select the greatest, biggest sturgeon with highest quality of caviar to a special treatment before the due date. The sturgeon will be transferred on air with a fillet cook and arrived alive.

Currently, Vietnam has aquaculture farms reared for caviar with an amount of over 3 million sturgeons, the largest ones in the world.

Vietnam has been independent and owning a process of complete life cycle, proactive in breeding and can provide to the market from 5 – 7 tons of caviar. Currently, Vietnam has
aquaculture farms reared for caviar with an amount of over 3 million sturgeons, the largest ones in the world. Foreigners, who come to Vietnam for traveling or working, are also well-
known and buying as souvenir. The rest are consumed domestically and mainly in restaurants or hotels in Hanoi and HCMC… as Mr. Duc said.

Mr. Duc also hopes that in upcoming future, the caviar would be a product not only for the elite but also everyone can have when Vietnam now owns the process of sturgeon farming with high quality, we do not needs imported products with expensive costs.

Khang Minh (PLO)

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